7 Symptoms of Diabetes that You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Did you know that India is called “Diabetes Capital of the World?”

Bitter fact, in India, around 50 million people are suffering from Type-2 diabetes and 25% of this diabetic population don’t even know about their disease status.

Besides all the major symptoms of diabetes, it also exhibits some silent symptoms.

Mentioned below are those hidden symptoms of diabetes which you might skip to bring into your notice.

Have a look!

 Frequent trips to the loo:

symptoms of diabetes

Diabetic patient’s body doesn’t efficiently convert the consumed food into sugar and thus, sugar starts collecting in the blood. Their body tends to excrete this extra sugar via the process of urination. So, keep in check your frequency of going to the loo.

Increased Thirst:

symptoms of diabetes

Those extra trips to the washroom could possibly leave you dehydrated. This habit can lead to gushing for more beverages and people often end up drinking soda drinks, packed juices and sugary milk. Consequence? More sugar adds up to the bloodstream causing more trips to the loo.

Unexpected weight loss:

symptoms of diabetes

The weight drop happens for two reasons; either from the water loss due to frequent urination or if your body doesn’t properly absorb the calories from the sugar present in your blood.

So, if you are suffering a severe weight loss then it’s the time to see the doctor.

Tired All the Time:

symptoms of diabetes

If your state of being tired is being persistent or if you continuously feeling lethargic even after proper sleep cycles. Diabetes hinders the ability of breaking down of the food that we eat and create more energy out of it.

Feeling Hungry All the Time:

symptoms of diabetes

If our bloodstream has a lot of sugar then the body struggles in regulating the glucose levels. And when our body is unable to absorb the glucose into our cells, we feel starved and gushes for more food.

Consult a doctor, if you are concerned about your hunger issues.

Yeast Infections:

symptoms of diabetes

Yeast infections especially in women, can be witnessed, if they have increased levels of blood sugar. So, women if you are suffering down there and if you are concerned then you should definitely see a doctor.

Numbness in Feet:

symptoms of diabetes

Another hidden symptom is numbness/tingling in the feet. And this  may due to the high blood sugar levels in your body. See your doctor if it’s a nerve damage or diabetes.

The above mentioned 7 are the potential symptoms of diabetes. If you suffer any, see a doctor now!

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