Privacy Policy is thoughtful about the best healthy life of an individual. Our diet experts do their work with sincerity and dedication. We will give surety to the customer if they reveal their personal data or information, we will keep their matter in the secret place because customers content is our top preference. Your identity is totally safe with us. By collecting customers data we will improve our website according to customers need and demand which will help both the parties. This information also helps in queries from your side about your health-related issue, you can easily ask anything related to the products or service and like that we will answer you of your question.


We will never reveal your real name or any type of information with any third party platform. The purpose of collecting information is only for customer preference. We are here to avail you of best service. Well is all depend on you what you want to share or not. There is no any compulsion from us.


We keep your data in cookies which is a small file and highly safe device. If you continuously using it will automatically trace you.


Collecting information some time used as a usable activity which raises the web traffic which is regularly checked and examine for enhancing the website. During some setting like stealing, cheating our site may control your personal content which was traced but within the limits of court laws.


We won’t share or discuss your personal information and make you sure that your data is safe with us. Collecting data is stored in safeguard as per legal laws and right of an individual. We will use your matter for giving you information about the best and latest service or offers or for a new product. In case we will use your personal content for the judicial purpose we will ask you first. It all depends on you what you want to share, and when, sharing is always not required. You can also edit or delete your information if you got some issues or risk.


An important thing we are only responsible for privacy policy and terms and conditions of our website. Other linked website which is shown on our website are just for your convenience they have own terms and services, we are not responsible for the third party platforms. So firstly read terms and conditions before using their services and products.

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