Special Weight Loss Programs

Idietitianpro provides you some special weight loss programs.we here offer some diet plans you have no clue of, you wouldn’t have heard the name. These diets are well and exclusively planned and are advanced to give competent results. We have number of weight loss programs for you, say for example Navratras diet plan, Bridal diet plan, Ramadan diet plan etc. These special plans helps in both having a healthy fast and also in losing weight in a healthy and an appropriate manner. All this special diet you get it here at Idietitianpro.

Following are our exclusive weight reduction program:

Navratras Diet

Navratras comes twice a year and most of the Hindus fast for the nine days at the time of Navratras according to their religious beliefs. The health experts have researched and said that following a set pattern of diet in these nine days helps in weight loss. It is seen that many have lost weight fast fasting these nine months, the only condition is to follow a good and a specific diet. Fasting never means ‘no foo’. so when you fast do not say no to food instead have a healthy diet plan and enjoy fasting with weight loss the ninth day. No clue what kind of diet you should have, get it here with us, we have experts making your diet plan according to your body type.

Ramadan Diet

Like Hindus fat for nine days during Navratras, Muslims too fast during Ramadan but both the fasting cannot have a similar diet as Ramadan is a fasting for 30 days. The Ramadan as is of 30 days, is one of the best period to take a step towards a fitness diet. You can keep fasting away having hearty meal in those 30 days to get yourself in a proper shape. The diet food which we plan for you will give you all the required nutrients during the fasting period and this will surely help you attain your target I.e a shaped body.

Bridal Diet

In a girls life being a bride is one of the dreamiest moment of her life. A day when she wants to look the most beautiful and glowing. We know you as a bride wants much glow on your face and you wanna bright enough to match your dress. So here with the help of our experts we get you bridal diet plans which will give your face the desired glow and will also help you in loosing some extra calories. We in our diet include foods which will give you crystal clear skin with shiny black hair, all the food which will add to your beauty.

Menopausal Diet

Menopause is a very common process that appear to every women’s life. The menopause stage takes a women to various different problems and can be worst if a decent diet is not taken. We a women doesn’t have a proper diet at this stage she can suffer from weight gain, stress, depression, disorders, sleeping problems etc. Etc. So if you listen to us we here provide you a good enough diet to tackle all the post menopause problems. We have an adequate diet here which will help you reduce weight when menopause hits you. We recommend you not to glued to your daily diet and get some change as this period requires different nutrition.

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