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Well loosing weight is easier than gaining weight as one gets a lot of information to follow and guidance on how to lose weight but if you are thin you may not find the help so easily. The reason is that there are far more people with normal to obese weight but very few are skinny and thin.

If you are skinny not only you need to start eating more but also eat the correct type and amount of foods. If you think fast foods can help you aren’t right, they will make you fat and not healthy. So you should try and consume healthy foods so that you gain healthy weight.

The nutritionist here at Idietitian will perform a variety of tests and calculations to check how much and what all you need to eat to gain a healthy weight. Meal timings are as important as are the kind of meals. A steady flow of nourishment is essential in your body. Having 3 large meals a day forces one’s body to keep more fats and achieve less muscular mass.

Following are the few rules to gain weight – 

1.Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast is the key to starting a day with plenty focus and energy. So one should have a breakfast like a king. One should take milk or juice in the breakfast along with some nuts or strawberry syrup or vegetable omelet. You can also have a side of whole grain toast. Make sure your have a heavy breakfast to have a good day.

2.Snack Often

Mindlessly snacking is not good and you should not indulge in one when on diet but yes purposely snacking can help gain weight. Frequent snacks throughout the day will help you with sneaking extra calories. Keep handy nuts, fruits, chocolate bars, all natural energy bars, cheese sandwiches etc.

3.Add Extra Healthy Fats

Try to have more avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, fatty fish etc. There listed are rich in fats and are healthy fats so won’t accumulate and make you look fat but will provide you healthy weight.

4.Drink your calories

You are not allowed to drink soda or fruity drinks here. Instead try real fruit juices, smoothies and protein shakes.

5.Enjoy dessert

By enjoying your dessert here, we do not mean that you are allowed to have as much sugar you crave for or want. But yeah a bowl of ice cream, some milkshakes or few cookies for sure will help build some weight.

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