Top 5 Sweeteners to Take and to Avoid in a Low Carb Keto Diet

Do you want to cut down those extra pounds from your body? And are you tired of those old-fashioned diet plans then, this time we would suggest you follow a low carb keto diet plan to lose weight?

What is a Low Carb Keto Diet?


low carb keto diet | low carb keto diet

It is a diet plan in which one cuts down the consumption of carbohydrates to lose weight in a short time span. This takes you to a metabolic state called ketosis which is a condition in which the body breaks down fat instead of carbs to produce energy.

Also during ketosis, one needs to reduce sugar consumption which makes a person avoid having desserts and sweets.
However, your body needs enough sweets to function well. So, in order to give a relief to your sweet cravings during a keto diet plan, one can consume healthy sweeteners.

5 Sweeteners to Take in a Low Carb Keto Diet Plan:


sweeteners | low carb keto diet



This natural sweetener is quite healthy when you are following a keto diet plan. This is due to the reason that it contains absolutely little to no calories at all. It can be used in desserts and drinks.



It is a type of sugar alcohol that can be found in candies, mints, and sugar-free gums. You can add it in your tea, shakes, coffee, and smoothies.



This is an artificial sweetener and can be used as a substitute for sugar in recipes. Just a little amount of it will give you a much need sweet flavor in your food during a diet.

4.Yacon Syrup


This is a sweet syrup and the body is unable to digest it. So, it should be taken in a small amount. However, it controls blood sugar levels, so you can add it to your drinks.

5. Monk Fruit Sweetener


Monk Fruit Sweetener is a natural sweetener which contains natural sugar. This is best to consume during a ketogenic diet plan reason being the absolute absence of calories in it.


5 Sweeteners to Avoid in a Low Carb Keto Diet Plan:




Dates | low carb keto diet

This sweet dried fruit has a considerable amount of carbs in it. Therefore, should be avoided in a low carb keto diet plan.



Maltodextrin | low carb keto diet

This is a highly processed sweetener that is produced from wheat, corn, and rice. It contains carbs and calories.

3. Maple Syrup:


Maple Syrup | low carb keto diet

It is high in carbs and sugar. Hence, one should avoid it if you are on a low carb keto diet plan.

4. Coconut Sugar


coconut sugar | low carb keto diet

The intake of coconut sugar can affect the blood sugar levels. So, avoid this sugar.

5. Honey


honey | low carb keto diet

Honey is high in calories and is not suitable for a ketogenic diet plan.

So, a low carb keto diet plan will give you effective results in a small period of time. Make sure that you feed your body with the intake of healthy sweeteners. Hence, add and cut your sweeteners accordingly.

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