Keto Diet Plan for PCOS Patient

The Keto diet is a diet which changes the fuel of the body into energy. Our body needs sugar for more energy. This sugar is acquired by the breaking down of carbohydrate from various foods like pasta, bread, rice, sweets, chocolate.

Why Are Carbs So Important In PCOS?


Carbs grab the attention of various PCOS patients because of the resistance of the insulin. Now a days 70$ of women are suffering from PCOS. Insulin is known as the storage hormone. When we eat anything, our body observes the increase of blood sugar level. The rise in blood sugar for a large period of time will damage various body organ and cells. That’s why the sugar store in the muscle and liver for later use.
The reason for the Insulin resistance is that it keeps the blood glucose level high. The conclusion is that pancreas produces more insulin which does efforts to reduce the blood glucose levels. If this process continues for a large period of time, then the pancreas becomes so tired which is not able to produce capable levels of insulin. This is known as Type 2 Diabetes.

You must have to consume less than 30g of carbohydrate in a day. Rather than, pasta, bread, sugars, a PCOS diet plan include all the green leafy vegetables, good fats and proteins.

Keto Diet For PCOS


There is not any especially a One PCOS, that’s why there is no any best diet plan. PCOS is a syndrome, which consists various issues like missing periods, high androgens, or ‘cysts’ on the ovaries. There is a single cause behind all the issues is that the insulin resistance. PCOS is also be caused by high-stress hormones.

About 50% of women have a high level of DHEA-S, it is a stress hormone which is overactive among those who are suffering from PCOS. That’s why for these type of women, a low carb diet, will provide stress on their adrenal glands which gives you the worse symptoms. Those women which have insulin resistance and obesity, there is one diet which works well that is a Ketogenic diet.

How Keto Diet For PCOS Help?

  • The Keto Diet Can Reduce Chronic Inflammation

If you want to reduce the Chronic Inflammation, the Keto diet plan will help you which reduce the insulin resistance.

  • The Keto Diet Can Help In Lose Weight

The keto diet is good for weight loss. It forces the body to utilize its fat which reserves for energy. The keto diet also assists in lowering the testosterone hormone.

  • The Keto Diet Can Reverse Insulin Resistance

80% of women are suffering from PCOS which have insulin resistance. The increase in the level of insulin will also increase the level of testosterone hormone which causes acne, hair loss, facial hair growth, and missing periods.

The best Keto diet plan will help in weight loss and also improve the insulin resistance and lower the level of testosterone. This diet also affects the missing period which will come regularly.


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