How Many Calories Do You Need To Stay Healthy

How beautiful would have been the world if wine wouldn’t have calories and chocolates had vegetable benefits and you could have them as much as you can without getting fat. You wish! The world ain’t that beautiful people, world asks you to eat bitter gourd in order to stay healthy and the most cruel thing about the world that what our taste buds demands are full of calories and that they add up quickly. Office treats, family functions, get together, parties, weddings, even a simple meet up is about having something, having something? Adding up calories! You can’t just get rid of Calories then why not try something else, why not get to know how much calories our needs to function. Do you know? Well, if you don’t let’s try and find.

Is consuming 2,000 calories a day enough?

FDA updated the nutrition labels as they required a nice round number to compare daily percent values and so they chose 2,000 calories. But is 2,000 calories enough? Well, it’s just a rough average and is not for recommendation. There are people who consume 2,500 calories a day and feels the need to have more, on the other hand there are few who just do by 2,000 or less. So what we mean here is you’ll have to understand your personal need of calorie intake.

How To Figure Out Your Personal Needs

Your height, weight, age, gender and activity level decides the amount of calories you need. So to figure out how much you need you’ll have to work out on few ways. Say for example you can can get into an insulated chamber to calculate the amount of heat your body is producing and this will equate to the amount of calories you need. There’s another much simpler way and that is to simply calculate your personal activity data and can consume calories accordingly.

How To Play With Calories To Reduce Weight

When you think of losing weight it is more important to know what you eat than knowing how much you exercise. Tracking calories is really important and is the best way to know your numbers. Of course you will not enjoy keeping a record of every sip you take and every bite you eat but then if you want to lose weight, you’ll have to. We told you already, it’s a cruel world. Spotting the excess calories will save you from making weight.

Also give up some habits, like having a candy bar everyday! Or say having caffeine twice a day. The best is to replace your daily tea coffee to herbal tea, green tea or lemon tea.

Never fail to track the amount of calorie you take. Once after understanding how much calories you really need you will have the power of real number. This will help you making changes in your diets and will ultimately keep you healthy. Take care of your diet, exercise and yes don’t forget you can always have a cheat day for chocolate and wine.

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