Diet Consultation

Our experts here are going to guide you to eat healthy and they will convince you to focus on hearty beverages and food. The diet we provide here will help you to attain and sustain a hearty weight. The diet we provide also will promote your health and avert you from diseases and other health related issues. You will get all the experts advice here. The professional here will prepare your diet to food allergies, health illness, weight loss and other nutritional necessity Following are the diets we plan:

  • Pregnancy diet
  • Blood pressure diet
  • Sport nutrition
  • Menopause diet


Here you can get all the health related problems solution from the experts. And if you want to lose weight following a good diet, you are at a right place. Our diet experts will guide you in picking up a proper weight reduction plan. Discuss all your issues here, our diet experts will answer all your questions. Our experts will work on your problems and will come up with satisfactory solutions for you. Here you’ll not only get a plan to weight loss but also a plan to a healthy lifestyle. The advice and the motivation talk you get from our experts surely will help you lose weight and also will keep you motivated throughout the package period. You will only be on credit of Rs.500 as our consultation cost.

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Idietitian Diet Plans

Choose the best diet plan and get rid of plethora of heath issues like weight loss, weight gain, PCOS/PCOD, Blood group, diabetes etc.

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Trial Pack

Monthly ₹999

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1 Month


Starter Pack

Monthly ₹2,500

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3 Month


Booster Pack

Monthly ₹2,000

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6 Month


Premium Pack

Monthly ₹1,666

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