Some Healthy Alternatives for Your Junk-Food Binge

If you say that you don’t like to binge upon that mouth watering and yummy junk food, then surely, you are lying!
But would you agree with us on this part that healthy diet plan is boring if compared to junk food ?
Well, answer to this question is too obvious….yes, as it is!
So, here we are trying to make an attempt to put put together some healthy alternatives for the most favorite junk food and will contribute to your weight loss diet plan.

Have a look !




pizza | weight loss diet plan

Oooh….sounds yumm… right ?
Bummer! Pizzas tops the list of unhealthy food.
But don’t worry, you can make a healthy one at home and real cheap. Just try to add more vegetable content with the pizza bites such zucchini, baby corn or cauliflower and the mini pizzas with mushrooms and the eggplant. If you will take such small initiatives will surely cut down on your carb intake.

Potato Chips


potato chips | weight loss diet plan

Potato chips are everybody’s favorite past time. We love eating potato chips during the movies and parties and even casually. We know that you won’t believe that potato chips can be replaced with the baked ones and still you enjoy any occasion without actually giving upon chips.

Mac & Cheese 


butternut squash | weight loss diet plan

It would sound strange to you if we would tell you that you can make your own Mac & Cheese in healthy way. Yes, you can by replacing the elbow macaroni with the butternut squash. Don’t worry, it tastes as Mac & Cheese without actually compromising with the actual taste. Don’t let unhealthy taste affect your regime for weight loss diet plan.



baked fries | weight loss diet plan

Love eating fries?
Then why not turn them into bit healthier option by baking them with the coconut oil instead of deep frying? Coconut oil has less fat contents and tastes like heaven. Baked fries are crispier and healthier than those fried and unhealthy fries.



candy | weight loss diet plan

Our tongue has a thing for extra sweet eatables. Taking your weight loss diet plan into consideration you need to check upon these health killing sweeteners.
Try to replace candies with frozen grapes and frozen watermelon which will satisfy your sweet tooth without harming your health.

Ice Cream


Homemade Ice Cream | weight loss diet plan

From kids to adults, all have a flair for ice cream. But again as much tasty as ice creams are, the more they lay adverse effects on our body and health. Well, the swap option for ice- creams are homemade ice creams or the vegan ice creams, the ones made of fruits and milk and cream. Believe it or not, but there are thousands of variations that you can try.



pudding | weight loss diet plan

Another health killing sweetener, but you won’t believe that there is a healthy alternative for your sweet tooth for pudding. Try soaking some chia seeds in almond milk and yes that tastes as good as pudding. That will keep you full and satisfy you midnight gushes.



truffles | weight loss diet plan

Dark chocolates are the healthier alternatives to satisfy your gush for the chocolates. But that doesn’t you can have it whole, only a bar or two will suffice your cravings. Also, if you are looking out for a chocolate desert then chocolate mousse else you can have dark-chocolate-avocado-truffles.



kambucha | weight loss diet plan


The only drink in the world that can suffice our thirst or healthy is only water. But those of you, who cannot resist the soda, Kambucha (fermented sweetened black/green tea) drinks are only for you. This is a safe option if you don’t want to have traditional juices or shakes.

Mentioned above are certain healthy alternatives for your junk food. We hope that you like our attempt of curating such a list that spreads awareness for the fast food alternatives and helps in supporting weight loss diet plan.


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