Super Foods that Boost Your Immune System

If you want to stay healthy then every individual have to keep their immune system strong. The best method to stay healthy is right choice of foods which will improve your immune system. Consuming healthy & anti-oxidants rich food like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and the protein plays vital role in maintaining your healthy immune system which will save you from illness and infection. Here are some super foods to boost immune system, which you include in your diet.
Super Foods that Boost Your Immune System are :

1. Citrus


citrus fruits | foods to boost immune system

Citrus fruits like limes, oranges are rich in vitamin C. They also have good amount of antioxidants. These are beneficial for boosting your immune system as they fight from free radical damage & prevent cell breakup.

2. Green Leafy Vegetables


Green Leafy Vegetables | foods to boost immune system

Vegetables are loaded with essential nutrients and fiber. There are some food like Green leafy vegetables include broccoli, spinach and cabbages are rich with various important vitamins & antioxidants which will boost the functioning of immune system.

3. Yogurt


Yogurt | foods to boost immune system

Yogurt is filled with good bacteria which are good for health. It helps in digestion which will aid in boosting the immune system of child’s. These are also known as probiotics and help the immune system in fighting with bad bacteria & harmful infections. If you don’t like to consume diary products then coconut yogurt is also a great alternative.

4. Nuts


Nuts | foods to boost immune system

Nuts like walnuts, peanuts & almonds have good amount of fats. They are also rich in zinc and vitamin E with enough amount of antioxidants. You can consume by mixing with various other foods. For the optimization of digestion, consume after soak and dehydrate. This will help in boosting the immune system.

5. Fish


salmon fish | foods to boost immune system

Fatty fish like salmon & tuna are good sources of omega fats. These healthy fats will better your white blood cell activity. This turn helps in shore up the immune system.

6. Berries


Blueberries | foods to boost immune system

Blueberries are one of the high antioxidant food which are very healthy and keep your body away from any type of infections. They consists phytochemicals & flavonoids, these are two powerful antioxidants. You can add berries in wide range of healthy desserts, smoothies and more for your kids.

7. Eggs


Eggs | foods to boost immune system

Eggs are one of the high nutrient rich food. They also contain important vitamins and protein with good amount of antioxidants. Eggs and recipes made from eggs is a perfect breakfast for a healthy body which also help in the improvement of the immune system.

8. Sweet Potatoes


Sweet Potatoes | foods to boost immune system

Sweet potatoes are one of the best food which contain beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A after ingested. Vitamin A helps in maintaining scar free and healthy skin.

9. Honey


honey | foods to boost immune system

Honey is one of the great alternative of sugar which you can add in the diet of child and adults too. This natural sweetener contains good amount of antioxidants which helps to get relief from allergies.
Everyone is always looking for the various ways to keep immune system strong. Here we have mentioned some foods to boost immune system, which will keep you away from harmful viruses and bacteria.

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