Diet which Provides your Body a Wide Variety of Benediction

Balanced and healthy diet plan plays an interactive role in maintaining the overall health of the human body. Types of food and different types totally depends on one’s body type. Some people eat healthy but are not able to reduce weight and can’t attain additional health benefits. There is a wide variety of diet for wide variety of people and their body system. The food we eat, its nutritional process and absorption totally depends on one’s bosy type and metabolism. The diet has its vivid collection including:
The sirtfood diet plan
Alkaline diet plan
Vegan diet plan
Low-fat die plan
Low carb diet plan

1.Sirtfood Diet Plan


Sirtfood Diet Plan | healthy diet plan

Basically, sirtfood is a collection of small listed foods which have the interconnection with genetic conduit. This diet is named after “SIRT” genes which are responsible in the reduction of inflammation and maintaining blood sugar levels in relation to the elimination of cancer.
This diet is generally considered to be varied into 2 different stages. The primitive stage is strict and consistent as it focuses on the calorie intake. It depends on sirtfood juices and full 3 meals with sirtfood a day. There is a limited food items included in this diet type.

Green tea
Dark chocolates

2.The Alkaline Diet Plan


The alkaline diet plan | healthy diet plan

The alkaline diet is based on changing the pH levels of blood in the body. This generally initiates the consumption of leafy greens. The diet focuses on the alkaline types which in general terms means the foods having a less amount of acidic content. Alkaline diet provides initial health benefits as it is infused with vital minerals and nutrients. There should be a proper balance of acidic and alkaline food intake.
Alkaline food are categorized as under:
Nuts, Avocado, Leafy greens, potatoes and many more
Foods with acidic content included:
Fish, Grains, Soda, lemons, citrus, plums, grapes, dairy products.

3.Vegan Diet plan


Vegan Diet plan | healthy diet plan

Veganism is the diet in which all you have to restrict the intake of all dairy and animal product. Veganism insists the consumption of plant based diet. Vegan diet is beneficial as it reduces the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. The diet has the potential of eliminating cancer markers. The diet consists of fruits and vegetables. Essential fatty acids, zinc and vitamin B & D are not present in vegan diet due to the absence of dairy and animal products.

4.Low Fat Diet Plan


Low Fat Diet Plan | healthy diet plan

Low fat diet includes the cut off in fat content from the diet. Low fat diet reduces the risk of imbalanced cholesterol levels and other cardiovascular diseases. Sugary products and other greased products are excluded from the low fat diet. Mediterranean diet is the best for the people who are following the low fat diet.

5.Low Carb Diet Plan


Low Carb Diet Plan | healthy diet plan

Low carb diet is all about the limited or restricted carbohydrate consumption. Proteins and fats can be consumed and the foods like Meat, Eggs, Fruits, High fats such as butter and cheese can be added to the diet.
Moreover, pasta, gluten infused foods like bread and bake products, cereals, ice creams, soft drinks should be excluded from the diet.

Healthy diet plan depends on its working on different body types and systems. Intake of balanced diet can provides you much better results as restricting particular foods can leads to the deficiency of essential nutrients and minerals in the body.


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