Diabetic? Look What To Eat And How To Fight Back!

Lifestyle and Diet habits are the main cause for the outbreak of diabetes and the after affects. Rather by WHO it is estimated that 69 million Indians are diabetic and the number will increase by 2025. so if you are a diabetic and are looking for a fight back, we here are with some solutions. Solutions like, some diet plan for diabetic patients.

If we look forward to the problem, the major problem with Indian food diet is that it leads obesity which further to greater problems. To be healthy and sound one need to consume all the 9 essentials amino acids. So here we are sharing some useful diet to keep in mind. Have a look!

A healthy food chart for diabetic patients:

Early morning when you have no idea what to start your day with, follow this.

Near around 7 am try to have your breakfast. Time of the consumption equally matters to what you are consuming.

So early in the morning have a cup of tea with 2 biscuits, avoid sugar!


For breakfast get to your kitchen around 8:00, 8:30.

This time you can have either oats or muesli with a cup of non fat milk or two phulka with sabzi with a bowl of low fat curd.

Or you can also have two eggs with multigrain bread. Try something different each day keeping this in chart in mind.


Mid morning, somewhere around 11 am you can have wither have a fruit or a vegetable. Say for example orange, pear, apple, cucumber or a bowl of papaya.

Also you can go for a bowl of roasted chana or sprouts.


Around 1 pm get to your dining area for lunch. You can have a bowl of salad with 2 phulka, a bowl of sabzi and a bowl of dal. You can also take a bowl of brown rice instead of two phulka.

Also one can go for Dalia Khichdi with a bowl of non fat curt.


For evening snacks, that is around 4 pm, one can consume 2 biscuits with a cup of tea or can have a glass of butter milk. Also one can take a bowl of sprouts or puffed rice to pamper one’s taste buds.


Dinner time, at around 7 pm where you can again have 2 phulka with a bowl of sabzi and dal. Or you can go for vegetable soup with a bowl of salad. Also one can take grilled chicken or paneer with a bowl of salad.


Follow the above plan and see how happy and healthy you’ll find yourself. Also you will realize that with us fighting diabetes back is bot that difficult. For more such diet plans you can visit our site which is just a click away. We’ll be glad to know you are healthy and happy!

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