Diet to Manage Diabetes

The most dangerous combination of obesity and diabetes can lead to many complications and heart disease. If you have recently diagnosed with diabetes and you are fretting over what do, how to control and what to eat. Every problem comes with a solution and the solution for this is an honest diet, that you are going to get it here. The diets we have here maybe helpful in controlling one’s blood sugar levels. No matter if you have type A or type B diabetes we have meal plans for both. We help you in cutting 500 calories a day, and it’s really important to cut calories and also carbohydrates and fat. This is will help in maintaining a healthy ratio of the essential components a body needs. We will make a plan according to the ideal cutting percentage and it is as following,
50% to 55% of carbs
30% fat
10% to 15% protein
Which Food Help Diabetics?
What should i eat? is the very first question any newly diagnosed diabetic asks.
So here’s a piece of advice:

  1. You should consume food with low glycaemic index.
  2. Include plenty of fibre
  3. Include lean meats, fish or other protein sources
  4. Take relatively low amounts of saturated salt and fat.

Here’s what you should not take:

If not able completely resist, try limiting these,

  1. White bread
  2. White pasta and Pastries
  3. Ready meals
  4. Take away foods

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