7 Breakfast Tips Every Diabetic Should Follow!

As bitter as it may sound, diabetes is common but incurable. Taking all those medications and insulin injections every single day without any positive results, and dealing with it is not easy.

Although it can’t be completely cured but there are ways to control it. One of them is alteration in our eating habits with timely prescribed medicines.

And, if one seeks to tackle his untreatable diabetes then he must overrule his morning eating habits.

Here are the 7 alteration tips that a diabetic patient needs to bring out in his morning diet plan for diabetes.

1) Avoid Outside Morning Meals

Diabetic Diet Plan | Avoid Outside Morning Meals

Even for a healthy person, having breakfast outside the house everytime is not considerable. According to the diabetic diet plan, a person having diabetes is advised to eat food with less calories. So, if you are the one then prefer eating at home in the morning.

Try out a bowl of oatmeal, whole grains or fruits to kick-start the day.

2) Better Top Your Cereals with Fruits

Diet plan for diabetes | Better Top Your Cereals with Fruits

Fruits especially berries are the powerhouse of antioxidants. Antioxidants are well known for protecting body cells from the free radicals which causes diseases like cancer, heart diseases, etc. So, to the goodness of cereal fibers add the taste of fruits.

3) Have Fat-Free Milk & Yogurt

Diabetic Diet Plan | Have Fat-Free Milk & Yogurt

Studies conclude that women who tend to consume calcium from milk are less likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome (a syndrome which increases the risk of diabetes). Also, more calcium consumption helps in lowering the cholesterol levels.

So, in case you are diabetic then include fat-free milk and yogurt in your diet.

4) Opt for Vitamin-D Rich Foods

Diabetic Diet Plan | Opt for Vitamin-D Rich Foods

Vitamin D helps in improving the sensitivity of the body to insulin. And the hormone which is responsible for balancing the levels of blood sugar, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes. The most commonly available Vitamin-D rich foods are soy-milk, soybeans, egg yolks, cheese, fishes, sardines, salmon, perch, etc.

5) Prefer Fruits Over Juices

Diabetic Diet Plan | Prefer Fruits Over Juices

A big ‘No’ to the packaged juices, though you can have juices from the fruits squeezed at home. But considering the fiber content value, a diabetic person should prefer having a whole fruit over juices.

6) Treat Your Tea with a Tinge of Cinnamon

Diabetic Diet Plan | Treat Your Tea with a Tinge of Cinnamon

For years, cinnamon has been known for its medicinal properties to treat digestive upsets, loss of appetite, and bronchitis.

But one of its lesser known uses is that it can lower blood sugar levels. Cinnamon sticks and powder both works the same so, if you are diabetic then you can add it to your tea either way.

7) Include Flaxseeds With Cereals

Diet plan for diabetes | Include Flaxseeds With Cereals

Delicious in taste, flaxseeds are found commonly. They are high in fiber and proteins and work wonders for a diabetic person. They are also rich omega-3 fatty acids which can help in lowering bad cholesterol and also prevent inflammation.

These were the 7 ways in which you can alter your breakfast habits if you are diabetic. In case you are diabetic and searching diabetic diet plan then visit you online dietitian- idietitianpro.com.

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