Best Fruits For Diabetic Patients

Now a days most of the person are suffering from Diabetes. You can manage your diabetes with the best diet plan. Your lifestyle and good food play an important role in the treatment of diabetes. As what you eat in a day effect the sugar level which will increase or decrease the blood sugar level in your body. Here are some fruits for diabetics patients which will help in controlling the blood sugar level by the natural products.


  • Always consume fresh fruits and keep seasonal fruits your first priority.
  • Consume fruits which contain low glycemic index.
  • Avoid to consume fruits with the main meals. Have fruits as a snacks.
  • Add some nuts and olives with fruits to balance the glycemic load.
  • Sprinkle some cinnamon in fruits which is very beneficial for balancing the blood sugar level.
  • Diabetic patients have to eat only raw fruits, they have to avoid cooked fruits.


Best Fruits For Diabetics Patients




banana | fruits for diabetics

A study shows that, banana is a resistant starch food which will help in controlling the blood sugar level which help in supporting gut health. This starch is not digested in the small intestine because it is consider as one of the dietary fiber.




Pomegranates | fruits for diabetics

Pomegranates are rich as antioxidants among all the fruits which can kept you away from chronic disease and free radicals. It is very beneficial and reduce the risk of diabetes.




Grapes | fruits for diabetics

Grapes has good amount of phytochemicals which help in modulating the blood glucose. That’s why grapes is a better option which keep your body with full of nutrition.




apples | fruits for diabetics

Dibaetic patients are able to consume apple because it is very beneficial in decreasing the risk of type 2 diabetes.




Blueberries | fruits for diabetics

Diabetic patients have to add blueberries in their diet to acquire deep pigment from anthocyanins, which is also help in lowering the risk of diabetes.




Strawberries | fruits for diabetics

Mostly people love to eat Strawberries. It has have low- glycemic index which is slowly released as glucose in the blood stream. It can also help in better the immunityof the diabetic patient, and also has the ability to fight with cancer and boosts metabolism.




Guava | fruits for diabetics

It is one of the best food for diabetic patients diabetics which has low glycemic index. It also contains maximum amount of fiber which helps in constipation and lessen the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.
These aforesaid fruits for diabetics patients will help in control the sugar level in blood. These food will boosts your immune system as well.

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