Few Major Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid in 2018

If you are the one who is planning to loose weight in 2018 by following a strict weight loss plan then there are some mistakes which you should strictly avoid.

Come what may, never fall for those fad diets, these diets can show some quick results but have prolonged side effects.
Not only this there are several other mistakes that people make in order to get quick results which we are going to discuss below.

Check these out !

Counting Nutrient Over Calories


counting calories | weight loss plan

When you are on a diet the calorie count says- the lesser the calories, the more you loose.
But believe it or not, that calorie counting trap is really captivating.
We get so engrossed in counting the calories that we start to starve and make our bodies deprive of essential nutrients.
Now the question arises… Why not to eat nutritious food with more calories instead of starving ?

Now, you be the judge what is right ….counting nutrients or counting calories .
That is off course to make a better food choices !

 Cutting Down on a Whole Food Group


unsaturated fats | weight loss plan

People assume that cutting down on whole food-group is called dieting !
Bummer ! This isn’t called dieting, its called deprivation!
For example: fat containing items, we think all types of fats are harmful for body, so what do we do ?

We cut down on everything that contains fat but did you know that our body needs certain unsaturated fats to keep the proper body functioning.
Its a different thing the processed or fast food consists bad fat i.e unsaturated fats.

Liquid Meal Replacements


meal replacements | weight loss plan

If your mind got trapped with the idea that liquid meals can actually
help you out in reducing weight then you totally wrong. Those juices, smoothies and even green juices are acting like fad diet these days.

Most of these lack many nutrient content like fibre, protein which are essentially needed by our body especially when we are loosing weight.
You got to watch out that you don’t fall for these kind of traps until and unless advised by a professional in a proper manner.

Ditching Some Fruits With Sugar Content


Strawberries | weight loss plan

Never make this mistaking of comparing the sugar content of fruits or vegetables to that of the artificial ones. For example- comparing an apple to a bar of chocolate is completely insane… right ?

Natural food like food like fruits or vegetables contains natural sweeteners and are also rich in other nutritional content like fibres.
And these natural sugars are not going to harm you anyway but these will add on to the natural sweeteners needed by our body to maintain the blood sugar levels.

Assess Yourself by Asking… do those weekend parties really worth it ?


Well, if you are working out really hard for weight loss throughout a week and then you think you can party all along the weekend and thinking whats the harm, its totally worth it then, you are wrong !!!

You got to choose wisely your priorities and mindfully eat the few that you like the most.

Because as said if you follow 80-20 (80% full – 20% empty) rule for eating all through then you might not regret ever.
Also, your don’t let your whole week hard-work wasted like this. Steer clear from such type of routine if you are on a weight loss plan.

Not Drinking Enough Water


not drinking enough water | weight loss plan

If you are on diet and not drinking enough water then this is a blunder in itself.
No other drink can replace the importance of water. So, never ever make this mistake of counting your other drinks to water content.

If you didn’t know…here’s the fact that not only water keeps your body hydrated but its keeps the you body at bay from forming any acidic condition in the stomach, keeps away the irksome headaches and also keeps you fuller and avoids you from eating anything extra that could harm your body.

All in all, water keeps our mental as well as physical health regulated. If you are on diet or not, it is necessary to drink adequate amount of water to keep the body functioning proper.

Mentioned above are some of the mistakes that shouldn’t be made in following a strict weight loss plan in 2018. We hope you like this informative post created by us.


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