Top Nutritious Foods Your Kids Should Be Eating Everyday

A healthy diet is as important for kids as it is for you and healthy diet doesn’t alone say staying a far from the wrong stuff but also it means to include healthy ones. Growing kids needs much nutrition to grow healthy.There are ample of foods for healthy diet available in the market which promises healthy growth and can easily replace the junk in your kitchen closet. Here are some one the most nutritious food items one can consider to feed kids with.


eggs | foods for healthy diet

Eggs are super rich source of protein and also one among the foods which naturally contain Vitamin D, but the best part about consuming eggs are that it can be prepared in so many different and delicious ways. Hence are considered as best foods for healthy diet.


dairy products | foods for healthy diet

Dairy products are another essential required for a proper growth of your kid. Milk and milk products contains protein, essential vitamins, calcium and carbohydrates also it contains minerals like potassium and phosphorus. These nutrients are really important for the growth and development of your child. These vitamins helps in the absorption of calcium, good vision, red blood cell production and blood circulation. If your kid fusses about the glass of milk then you simply can add some flavour available with the name Horlicks,complan, born vita etc. By this he’ll get the nutrients required with a great taste.


oatmeal | foods for healthy diet

Not only is oatmeal rich in protein but also has low fat content which is best for it to be picked up as best foods for healthy diet. It makes a perfect break fast, easy for you to cook easy for them to eat. You can try different ways to make the meal tastier. Also the mid meal hunger pangs gets away through the oatmeal. Try new ways to make your child love eat oatmeal. They are healthier and helps build their body without adding fat


blueberry | foods for healthy diet

This little fruit is rich in anti oxidants and can be taken mixed with in a milkshake or cut drop in a bowl of mil, oats, cornflakes etc. It has been well known to decrease the risk of diabetes and heart disease, also it improves the brain functioning. It is one important fruit a parent must include in his kids diet. This will help your kid grow in a better way both mentally and physically.


nuts |foods for healthy diet

Nuts can be a great alternative of vegetable protein fiber. Nuts holds enough protein and vitamins for your kids healthy development. Also it has good fats that are required for the development and a healthy growth of your child.There are ample of nut choices in the market. Pick the best one and also consider your kids choice. Get him cashew nuts, if they like them and add in the list of best foods for healthy diet.


fish | foods for healthy diet

Fish is a great source to Vitamin D and every kid should take it on daily basis. Well, what can we say about the veggie families, they can fin an alternative. But if you are a non vegetarian you can easily feed your kids with the super rich source of vitamin D, Fish. Also it contains omega 3 fatty acids, an important thing for the proper functioning of kids brain. Also it reduces rick of many major diseases.


green| foods for healthy diet


Green symbolizes health and wealth so, it’s another necessity to be included in a kids daily diet. So even if he makes faces looking at greens you need to feed him with that. You can look for ways sneaking some veggies inside his meals, a secret between you and us. Leafy vegetable contains high dietary fibers, vitamin C, folic acid and many more nutrients which help in easy digestion and also provide energy to the baby. Also green makes your kids immune system strong.

So above where some major food contents a parent should always keep in kind. These are some healthy food for kids which cannot be ignored and should be fed to kids on a daily basis. A daily healthy diet will give you a healthy result in your baby’s growth and development.

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