Few Things One Should Do 30 Minutes Before Going To Bed

Would you believe if we tell you that you can loose weight while sleeping ? Well yes, you heard it right…! Lives these days are busy and hence we’ve got no time to head to the gym or set any exercise or diet regime at home.
So, here we are discussing some habit that you should follow before going to bed which contributes to hassle-free weight loss plan and can change you life for better !
Follow us down !

Watch Your Kitchen Hours

Always remember that you can eat whatever you want throughout the day but you should eat least in your night meals. Experts says and also some studies shows that its healthy to eat less in the night and to loose weight. And make sure that you don’t eat anything 30 min before your bed time and if possible take a 15 min walk and then go to bed.

Follow a Routine !

If you find yourself sleepless even after chilling in bed for 20 min the4n try to follow some routine like reading a book or a catalog anything that pique your interest and which would help you out your mind to relax and get rid of the stress of our daily lives. The stress-free sleep helps in reducing weight and also helps in building a discipline routine.

Avoid Using Your iPad, Cell Phones & Laptops

We are no doubt so much connected to our electronic devices to such extent that keep on surfing through theses devices all night long. But you must remember using these devices all night makes us sleep deprived. This sleep deprivation could lead to many other health problems and weight gain. But if you follow a strict sleep routine in order to have a healthy body. Also, if possible get rid of the night bulb or table lamp.

Try Pepper !

Some studies has shown that pepper has some effective qualities of burning fat. So, try including pepper in your food or directly. This could be the best way to loose weight, you can just chew a bunch of pepper in the night post dinner and before sleeping. It works wonders. Though all the spices have certain significance, pepper has on weight reduction. One can really try out this unique & easy way.

Refresh Your Weight Number with Mint !

It has concluded and established through studies that certain food fragrance can arise your appetite while others can suppress it. It was concluded through an experiment that sniffing mint after 2 hours really helped in weight loss. Also, other organic food like banana, green apple and vanilla had similar properties and effects. You can also try burning minty candles in your bedroom or near your bed. A small cup of peppermint can also work with similar effects on weight loss.

Breath Through Nose While Sleeping !

Well breathing through nose is important while because sleeping because it will prevent or avoid snoring. Not only this will improve your sleep but it will provide better oxygenation to your body and will help you keep healthy and prevent weight gain. If you are the one who snores or has a habit of breathing from nose then you can try those anti-snoring pad & pins.

Mentioned above are few night habit which might help you to prevent weight gain and contribute to a easy weight loss plan. We hope that you like this piece.


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