The Best Foods For Athletes

Every sports dietitian have to follow some terms in a constant manner, like they have to hydrate all the time & don’t miss to fuel themselves. Most of the person don’t have the knowledge about sports nutrition. So here is a list which will help you in keeping hydrated and provide essential nutrients as a fuel. So add these mentioned food which will work as pre workout food.

Hydrating foods :

Most of the person don’t know that 20 5 of the waters is found in veggies and water rich fruits. For an athlete consumption of water rich fruits and veggies are so important add these foods in your diet which are as follows:



radish | pre workout food

Radish is a spicy vegetable which has enough amount of Vitamin C and have about 95% water. You can eat them as a salad.



watermelon | pre workout food


This red fruit contains 91% water, and also rich in potassium. Watermelon is help in maintaining the body’s fluid balance and antioxidant lycopene.

Bell Peppers


bell pepper | pre workout food

This multicolored veggie is almost favorite of everyone. It consists about 93% water. You can consume peppers raw for a hydrating snack or do them fry. You can also add this veggies in toasts or pasta too. It also help in increasing the level of Vitamin C.



spinach | pre workout food

This plan based iron food has 91% of water. It helps in delivery the oxygen to working muscles.



celery | pre workout food

Celery are rich in potassium and Vitamin A, which also works as hydrating food with 96% water.

Foods for muscle soreness :

Athletes must have to add that food which sore muscles. Add these two foods in your diet plan which may assists in alleviation of muscle aches.

Tart cherry juice


Tart cherry juice | pre workout food

A study shows that the juice of tart cherry will help in reduction of muscle pain after a deep workout and also help in recovery the muscle damage.

Watermelon juice


Watermelon juice | pre workout food

Watermelon not work as a hydrated food but the juice of watermelon help in soothe sore muscles. After a workout, the abundance of amino acid l-citrulline in juice will decrease the muscle soreness.

Quick-acting fuel


quick acting fuel | pre workout food

An athlete must have to add some pre workout food as a fuel. It will work as a quick acting fuel and also provides quick burst of energy which increase the stamina. These types of foods have good amount of carbohydrate which break down in the glucose which will provide power to the muscle.



dates | pre workout food

Dates have good amount of fiber and sugar, which breaks down glucose into the blood system and will provide power and stamina at the time of workout.

These aforesaid food will work as pre workout food which will increase your stamina level and power during workout and also help in cure the muscle cramps or injuries.


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