South Indian Diet Plan

If you are fond of eating South Indian food and don’t want to skip this meal but still want to lose weight, then you are scrolling at the right place that is, our healthy diet plan helps you to maintain the healthy lifestyle and ideal weight according to your age. We provide you best diet plan mentioning which food you have to take in your meal and which food to avoid. By using this healthy South Indian Diet Plan help in to maintain your South Indian food taste and burn excess of calories by giving you some better substitutes which help on weight loss.

Benefits of South Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Here are the some of the advantages of south Indian diet plan for weight loss are:

1.It also work as a detox diet.
2.You can add some fluids in your diet like buttermilk and fresh fruit juices which have the lot of nutrients like Vitamin A, D, E and K.
3.These foods are almost prepared with less oil but the taste of the dish may same.
4.We make sure you that after consuming South Indian Diet, you own seen changes in yourself which provide you with a healthy body.

Types of South Indian Diet Foods Which helps in Weight Loss

The main South Indian foods for weight loss are mentioned below:

  1. Butter Milk.
  2. Juice of spinach and carrot.
  3. Fruits like gooseberry and papaya.
  4. Idlies is a very nutritious food for growing children.
  5. Dosa, Vadas and idlies which are prepared by Urad dal in less oil.
  6. In dinner, curd and rasam are a good choice.
Thing to be Remember Before Using South Indian Diet Plan

Before going with the south Indian diet plan for weight loss you should have to check the mentioned things for counting the calories necessary for the healthy body.

1.First, you must calculate your BMR and must know about your requirements of basic calorie.
2.You have to know that how much you are over-weight and how much you want for losing the weight
3.You must analyze your body status.


It is compulsory for ever individual that dieting is not all about starvation it simply means consume the healthy diet with low calories food and does some regular exercise which keeps your body and minds healthy which flourish your lifestyle. In this South Indian Diet plan, individually don’t have to leave their lip-smacking dishes, but use in a proper manner as mentioned above and prepare in less oil the interesting thing is that the taste remains same. So just consult the experts which help in making your diet chart according to your taste.

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