Some Muscle-Building Foods

Better late than never!
If you are the one who has already realized the importance of healthy food and fat-free body then voila, this list of the food that will help in building you muscles, These foods will help you out in making the best muscle gain diet plan for a fit body.

Here’s the list of food that you may easily find in the market and take another step forward to a healthy life.

Let us guide you through!

Brown Rice


brown rice | muscle gain diet plan

Brown rice is a whole-grain which is now been encouraged by all the fitness enthusiasts because brown rice digests slowly and provides energy that lasts throughout the day and also during the work-outs



oranges | muscle gain diet plan

A derivative of Citrus family, Oranges are another versatile fruit that helps in boosting the strength , growth and endurance of the muscle. This fruit value increases if consumed before the work out sessions.



melon | muscle gain diet plan

Highly rich in the fructose value, the melons are one of those foods, that are carb and gets digested fast. Melons works wonder if consumed after in the morning i.e after a long fasting night or before your workout.



beetroot | muscle gain diet plan

A beetroot is a good source of two nutrients, trimethylglycine, betaine that are really good for our liver and also for our joint health. And most importantly, it increases the muscle strength and contributes to the muscle gain diet plan.

Cottage Cheese


cottage cheese | muscle gain diet plan

Cottage cheese in highly rich in casein protein, and you can always rely on it as your go-to night meal.

And basically why casein protein is good for our body as a night meal?

Its because, it is one of the slowest digesting protein which prevents catabolism ( a process of breaking down the molecules in metabolism) especially in the night when you fast all through.



eggs | muscle gain diet plan

It would be cliche to suggest but believe it or not eggs are the perfect source for protein. Eggs boosts your lean muscles and strength of the muscles.
Also, if you are working on strength of the muscles then whole of eggs, egg whites and yolks will work better.

Organic Milk


milk | muscle gain diet plan

Milk is a good source of casein protein and whey. Also, it is rich in amino acid glutamine which is really important in muscle building. Milk is always said to be a complete food it has more nutritional value needed by a human body.



spinach | muscle gain diet plan

Highly rich in iron content and amino acid, Spinach turns out to be a great source of building lean muscles.



apples | muscle gain diet plan

As said- An apple a day, keeps the doctor away !
Rich in many nutrients, specifically in polyphenols, apples are of real help when it comes to muscle building.
Not only this, apple prevents muscle exertion, which in short allows you to train harder and build your endurance.

Other research also shows that these polyphenols can increase fat burning as well. That’s why it’s a good idea to make apples a pre-workout carb source.

Greek Yogurt


greek yogurt | muscle gain diet plan

Made from its basic product- milk just like conventional or plain curd. However, Greek yogurt has more protein value and less carbs than th plain regular yogurt.
This is also a good source of casein protein needed in muscle building.

Mentioned above are the examples of some muscle gaining food which refines your muscle gain diet plan. We hope that you like our attempt of putting this great food together in a list.


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