Organic Vs. Inorganic Food and Some Benefits of Organic Food Diet !

When we search for organic food diet in the market thinking that organic food is healthy to eat because it has been advised so…since ages!

But are we really eating healthy ?Those lurking shiny fruits, green vegetables or whole grains can be hazardous to our health if it is not grown organically.

So, here we are going to discuss about what exactly organic and inorganic food means and which is beneficial for human health !

Follow us down through the post !

What is organic food?


organic foods | organic food diet

Foods which are raised or grown without any chemical interference such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides, any other drug or weed killers. Many developed countries such are already progressing towards the cultivation of organic food and have made strict for the food labeling as organic.

Not only this strict inspection are done before the products are dispatched in the market.

Below is the process and products used in raising the organic food-

  • Organic food is produced with the help of manure or compost in spite of chemical fertilizers.
  • Usage of natural pest-killers are encouraged instead of chemical ones and those includes- plant oils, fungus-feeding bacteria, or the bugs which eat other bugs.
  • Cattle animals are also fed with the organically grown food also those animals are not injected with any growth hormones or antibiotics.
What are Inorganic Foods ?

Inorganic farming is opposite of organic farming, means it totally encourages the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Inorganic farming is all about quantity of food not the quality. This also allows the food producers to cross breed crops and attain high quantity of crop yields.

Benefits of Organic Food Diet

If we contrast both the foods then obviously organic food is way healthier than inorganic ones.
But the only demerit is that it comes little expensive than inorganic food.

Anyways, here are the benefits of organically ripen food.

1) More Nutritious

These products are totally free from any kind of chemical interference, so the nutritional value of organic food is 100 % pure and natural. These food contain anti-oxidants which are good for overall human health. Also according the latest researches these foods have a great potential of preventing heart-diseases, cancer, eye-sight problems, premature aging and have the potential to fight many more diseases.

2) Better taste

If the food is produced by total organic processes, then it will automatically tastes better. This type of crops or food are prepared naturally and is prepared with all the patience and the maximum time required. This process make the food really tastier and healthier than the inorganic food.

3) Better Immune System

The level of pollution is increasing day by day at very high rate and due to the increased pollution level there comes several health risks.
So, if you intake or consume organic food then your body will be able to build anti-bodies against the diseases caused by this poisonous environment.
Organic food helps in building a better immune system in a natural way by taking care of our functioning of the body in a natural way.

4) Improved Heart Condition

If we talk about the dairy products and meat or meats. These animals are domesticate by grazing the organic food. So, the food, dairy products or meat which comes from organic farming is totally safe to consume or intake and good for heart condition.

Also, the grass on the which these cattle animals graze on grass consist CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) in their bodies, so consuming the meat from these herbivores keeps the heart diseases at bay.

5) Lower-Levels of Heavy Metals

We have talked all through that the organic food is cultivated naturally i.e without using any usage of chemical content and with patience and time. So, these kind foods are free from any kind of chemical risk that could harm human body. Also, it has been noticed that the soil which these foods are grown in has approx. 50% less amount of toxic metal such cadmium than the soil where inorganic foods are cultivated.

Mentioned above is the contrast drawn between organic and inorganic food.
Also, we have tried to make it better by listing the benefits of organic food diet over inorganic food diet. We, hope you like it !

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