Essential Skin Care Tips to Follow During Pregnancy

With pregnancy, the changes are imminent in your body. While you might face certain cravings keeping you up at nights, but the changing skin tone is one of the major issues women face during pregnancy. Maintaining a regular skin care routine, especially in pregnancy can be a daunting task. Because your body is undergoing various hormonal changes. Although it is a period when nobody is going to judge you for our patchy skin, but it is psychologically healthier to maintain good skin during this period. Here are some essential skin care tips to follow during pregnancy-

Apply mild cleanser

acne during pregnancy

It is recommended to use a gentle/mild cleanser on your face everyday. Whether your skin is very dry, or patchy, then washing your face with a moisturizing soap-less rinse cleanser will be beneficial.Moreover, you can also ensure to clean your skin on a daily basis for maintaining clear pores.

Simplify your makeup

acne during pregnancy

Many women get tempted to wear heavy makeup during pregnancy, because of the hormonal changes visible on the face. Besides that every women feel lazy to wash off their make up at night, causing acne during pregnancy period. Although it is not possible to eliminate its use, but wearing a mild,or water-based make-up that can clean up easily should be preferred.

Stay hydrated

acne during pregnancy

You might feel that drinking plenty of water during the pregnancy is counterproductive (just because of the frequent urination). You should understand that staying hydrated especially in pregnancy is best for your skin. It enhances the blood circulation and helps in the elimination of various toxins from the body.

Avoid over exfoliating

acne during pregnancy

During the pregnancy, your skin gets way more sensitive. Therefore it is suggested that to cleanse, or exfoliate your face gently. Your skin is prone to get scarred easily in these times.

Exercise in moderation

acne during pregnancy | Exercise in moderation

It is important to do moderate exercises in the period of pregnancy as intensive work outs are not an option. You can take a walk for 15 to 20 minutes and take yoga classes. A little bit of exercise is enough to increase blood flow to the skin, thereby making it healthier.

Hopefully the above-mentioned tips were helpful to you in getting an insight on how to take care of your skin in pregnancy. For more information regarding anything related to skin care or diet, choose Idietitianpro.

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