Must-Have Foods in Your Diet if you are Underweight

Having a lean body is not something which can’t be dealt with. But all those taunts and mean comments about one’s petite body can be heartbreaking.

To tackle these thin body issues, the first advice is to see a dietitian. In case, you find it difficult to fix an appointment with a dietitian then there are many online diet-experts like idietitianpro who can guide you better even at home.

If you are seeking a good weight gain plan, then mentioned below are 5 foods that would help you in achieving your goal!

Have a look !


weight gain plan | Potatoes

When we eat carb-loaded food like potato, those carbs are absorbed by the human body are converted into glucose. This glucose is responsible for providing energy to the body. The amount of glucose which is not used by the body turns into fat, hence one gain weight.

So, while other fitness enthusiasts tend to avoid this storehouse of fats and carbs, it can be very much useful to you.


weight gain plan | Bananas

Another best and easily available weight gaining food is banana. It is because they possess more sugar and calories than any other fruit.

Although, banana in itself is enough to gain weight, for even better results try adding banana to protein smoothie or shake. With know all about a healthy diet to gain weight.  


weight gain plan | Cheese

If you want to gain weight and you love cheese then cheer up! This food not only tastes good but will work wonders towards your weight gain. Also, cheese is a good source protein, fat and carbohydrates, Vitamin A and many other nutrients. Cheese is said to have lots of calcium and 110 calories/ounce.

Dry Fruits

weight gain plan | Dry Fruits

These little healthy punch of taste are another good source of gaining weight. Dry fruits are a store-house of unsaturated fats and fibers. Pistachios are good source of proteins too. Walnuts are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and those little nuts provide 160 per calories ounce. Apart from all these benefits, dry fruits are also known for retaining good heart health.

Peanut Butter

weight gain plan | Peanut Butter

This tasty butter if eaten in adequate quantity is very healthy. If you want to gain weight then by increasing the quantity consumption, it can surely help in gaining the same. Peanut butter is rich in fibers, protein and magnesium and unsaturated fats. Try to have it in your breakfast with bread and it will definitely better your health.

The above mentioned are 5 powerful foods that make a good weight gain plan. Follow this diet plan if you intend to gain extra pounds and for more such health tips & services, visit the website.

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