How to avoid and overcome excuses regarding exercise and weight loss?

Usually people take resolutions to follow the exercise and weight loss plan but these resolutions get demolished by the excuses. Every one is aware about the fact that health is the most important factor of a life. Health depends on various components such as environment, schedules and working hours of person, habits or daily chores. Sometimes, You stand in front of the mirror and complaining about your increased waist and weight and end up saying that “I will hit the gym from the next month”, Isn’t it true? But the plans all go in vein as the excuses are there in the way. There are a list of common excuses which don’t allow you to exercise but there are solutions with the help of which you can still able to maintain your health without going to gym and exercise.

1.Want to loose without getting sweaty

The most common excuse is sweat. Most of the time people quit exercise to keep themselves away from sweat as they don’t have time to get freshen up after workout session. You can still manage the problem by working out before shower. Get up early morning and put up your shoes and get ready for the day. This will save your time. You can also opt for the sweat control apparels and outfits during your workout regime.

2.Make exercise a fun activity not a headache

Most of the time people think that exercise is a responsibility. Exercise doesn’t only means to hit the gym and machines. You can workout and burn calories with the daily chores. Dancing and fun activities like cycling, hula hoop, swings and turns, walking can help you surely. You can listening to music while working out which will be the simplest way to get engage in the workout by making it a fun activity.

3.Shut the “Time” excuse

“I don’t have enough time to workout or get to the gym” surely this is the best excuse you have to get rid of the factor. But that is totally a crap. You can make a move while doing your domestic chores like cleaning and walking. You can walk while taking on the phone and reading a book.

4.Lack of confidence and motivation

Its completely normal to feel a little uncomfortable during the first time of your workout session. You can consult from your friends and get motivation. Moreover, Your trainer can also assist you while you are working out.

5.Tired after work

After the long working hours and busy schedules, tiredness is very common. But making this an excuse is completely wrong. Mild exercises helps in relieving stress levels and maintaining weight without any extra effort. Tiredness can be removed as these activities helps in elevating the level of oxygen. Lack of sleep can be the cause of tired body. Try to improve your sleep cycle by going to bed early.

By following these simple hacks instead of making up excuses, you can target your weight loss plan and loose weight easily without going to gym or follow any extreme workout sessions.


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