What is Better…a No Carb Diet “OR” a Carb Diet ?

Carbohydrates are one of the essential nutrients for the human body as they provide energy to do different kind of works.
But did you know, consuming carbs in excess always lead to obesity ?
If you didn’t then, this post is all about carbs & their benefits & side effects.
And by the end of this post you will get to know that if no carb diet is healthy or a diet with carbs ?

What exactly is “No Carb Diet ?”


no carb diet | no carb diet

Potatoes, grains, rice, whole fruits, etc. are included in the list of food items rich in carbs. So, a “no carb diet” is a diet with no carbohydrates content in it.
But in a country like India, it literally gets hard to skip carbs from the diet because Indians tends to consume whole grains in their meals daily.

Need of Carbohydrates in our Body !


carbohydrates | no carb diet

Foods rich in carbohydrates are full of energy and provides a mechanism to our body to perform different tasks. So, if you ever gave it a thought why we tend to eat a bowl full of cooked white rice when you are hungry, it is because when we starve you become energy deprived.
People who do a lot of physical work don’t really get fat but who doesn’t use the carbs energy in the physical work , they tend to get obese.

Which Type of Carb in Good For Health ?


simple vs complex carbs | no carb diet

In general, carbs are of two types- the one is complex and other is simple.
The example of simple carbs is white bread which will instantly boost your energy and will hike your sugar level in your blood.

So, what makes them a so bad when someone is on a healthy diet ?

1). They get digested fast and can’t keep you full for a long time.

2). Eating more carbs can lead to obesity.

3). It can rise the blood sugar levels of a diabetic patient.

Second type of carbs are complex carbs, example of which is whole wheat bread, which is good to have. They don’t provide energy in a rapid way but in a slow and steady manner which is really good for weight loss and for diabetic patients also. Complex carbs also contains necessary nutrient, considering the example of whole wheat bread, they are also rich in fibers.

FYI: Ttry to buy complex carbs if you are on a diet !

Impact on Health for Cutting on Carbs

Cutting down carbs all together can make you weak and also can make you gain weight instead of loosing it. Your body will get deprived and ultimately you will have a bad health issue as human body needs every nutrient but in limits.

Also, cutting down on carbs completely will cause you to have bad breath because as a result of excess metabolism in the human body of protein it will lead in the production of ketone, which might cause bad breath.

No Carb Diet Implications

No Carb Diet may not only leave you weak but constipated and you might gain also gain weight instead of loosing it.
So, it is advised to be sensible while buying carbs and following any diet plan.

Human body needs every nutrient and in order to avoid ourselves from suffering from malnutrition, and to be healthy one need not to cut down on carbs, one should consume healthy carbs instead.


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