List Of Best natural Blood Thinners to Maintain a Healthy Heart

The overall Health of a human body depends on the functioning of heart and Gut health. The good Heart is capable of transporting the purified blood to all parts of the body. Blood clotting is sometimes a good thing as it is helpful in many ways such as protecting you from bleeding. Excessive Clotting of blood can be dangerous. The heart surgeries like Cardio vascular surgery, Stunts and heart valve surgery and Congenital heart defect can increase the chances of risky blot clots. These clots can be the massive reasons for heart attack or a heart stroke. There are some ingredients and tips for healthy heart and the list of Best Natural Blood Thinners To Maintain A Healthy Heart.

List of effective and natural blood thinners :




garlic | tips for healthy heart

Garlic can be a cure of various health problems. It reduces the risk of blood clotting.It provides you with numerous health benefits and improvements. Due to its various healing properties, it is used in various medical aids and medications.



turmeric | tips for healthy heart

This bright yellow spice is another good option to eliminate blood clotting. The active ingredient called “Curcumin” target the platelets for the removal of blood clots.



Ginger | tips for healthy heart

Salicylate present in Ginger is also called as Acetyl Salicylate Acid helps in preventing the risk of strokes. Salicylate is also found in Chillies, berries, avocados and other foods.

4.Cayenne Peppers


Cayenne Peppers | tips for healthy heart

Cayenne Peppers can be consumed in the form of capsules or as a grounded spice in Indian food. These peppers are proven to reduce blood pressure and maximize blood circulation in addition to the removal of cots from the body.

5.Vitamin E


Vitamin E | tips for healthy heart

Vitamin E is known as the natural blood thinner. It is found in various foods like: Whole grains, wheat germ oil, egg yolks, seeds, almond oil, sunflower oil and nuts.

6.Coumarin containing herbs


fenugreek | tips for healthy heart

Excessive intake can be bad but the foods like Parsley, fenugreek,chamomile, licorice root, anise, angelica root, arnica flower and red clover can limit the addiction.



Cinnamon | tips for healthy heart

Cassia and Cinnamon are widely available acts as anticoagulant. It is known for lowering blood pressure and other inflammatory conditions. Excessive intake of cinnamon can cause liver damage in some cases.

8.Other Foods which are proven to be blood thinners


grapefruits | tips for healthy heart

A proper diet should followed for healthy heart.
It is very important to consume vitamin K in order to keep your heart healthy. Vitamin K will limit the effect of Coumadin. Spinach, broccoli, lettuce are high sources of vitamin k.
Heart healthy diet should not include dairy products like high fat, high cholesterol and sugars.
Berries, grapes, grapefruits, pineapples and pomegranates are best for maintaining the healthy heart.

The above article is about the foods and tips for healthy heart. This provides the information about maintaining heart health.


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