Indian Corporate Wellness Programs

Since the times globalization had hit the grounds, India has witness a great evolution in the Indian industrial sector. This growth has has shown a big increase in the Indian economy and professional opportunities. But talking about the flip side this globalization has also increased the corporate competition. Hence, the thriving stress demands corporate wellness programs for the welfare of the corporate professionals. These wellness programs were made for the people working in corporate world with the motive of making them healthy, happy and prosper.
So, here are the prospects of Indian Corporate Wellness market and what is to be included in these programs.

What are the Prospects of the Indian Corporate Wellness market ?

According to the current statistics, Indian markets is holding only 2% of this market which suggests that this segment still needs blooming. New wellness programs are being especially designed daily for the employees of the many corporate brands to cut out the work stress and pressure.

Here are the reasons why big brands are inculcating and encouraging these wellness programs-

Increased Productivity

Needless to mention that the products quality and quantity both gets increased if the manforce /employees are physically and mentally healthy. So, in order to get the best productivity results these wellness programs are fabricated by performing certain group activities.

Contended Employees

Well, it is generally seen and noticed that the maximum employees keep complaining about their work culture. This exasperation can lead to certain messed up and aggravated situations. So, for the sake of it, corporate health programs are encouraged.

Cost-Efficient Healthcare

This is the best way to encourage the work enthusiasm of the employees by incorporating the wellness programs.
This initiative suggests an employee that their corporate brand is with them in their times of hardship. This includes the cost reduction in the actual cost of healthcare expenses by the employees.

What is to be included in these programs?

According to some other statistics, Indian industry of corporate wellness is estimated to be of worth- 500 billion (INR). About 25% of the market is expected to taken over by these wellness programs and it is estimated to grow by 30% by the end of the year. Also, this can serve as a huge opportunity to the Indian entrepreneurs because there is a gap between the demand and supply regarding the wellness programs in Indian corporate sector.

The aim of these programs is to enhance the living style of the employees in order to get the unhindered work environment. Workout session, routine check-ups are planned for the employees and also the company hires renowned consultants to provide the proper guidance and assistance. This kind of assistance can include diet consultation,workout sessions and instructions and weight management.

Corporate sector are actually investing a good wealth for the sake of the health of their employees and encouraging these programs. You got to trust them and don’t keep your expectations low in these areas.

After all, only healthy employees will bring a higher productivity ratio to their corporate brand. Some major corporate brands which are setting a benchmark in these areas are- The Apollo Life, Meta Wellness, Truworth, Sky Fitness, etc.

Mentioned above are some of the major features of  Indian Wellness Programs and all you want to know about the wellness programs. We hope you like the information and your search got fulfilled.


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