High Protein Diet

A high protein diet is usually endorsed to help efforts to lose fat and frame muscle. Keep this in mind that it should not be misunderstood with low carb diets. This diet is beneficiary to you if you are doing acute isometric exercises, weight training, bodybuilding or anaerobic workouts. Make your workout in the gym more efficient and also add more angular muscle mass to your body with us.

Here’s some high protein Indian Vegetarian


They are low in calories and are high in protein and fibre. You can make snacks out of them, can have them boiled, can toss them into salads or pure into hummus.

#Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans are loaded with protein, fibre and carbohydrates. They can be paired with steamed rice or boiled. You can even have them alone, boiled with some salt and chat masala. It is a wholesome meal along with being delicious. This can be enjoyed as a curry, as salad toppings or in the form of spicy chilli.


If you have milk with you and you take it daily you already have cleared your protein test milk is a rich source of protein and also rich in calcium which ensures good bone health. Milk helps in maintaining strong teeth and a healthy immune system along with a glowing skin. Look for skimmed milk, fortified with vitamin D instead of the full toned ones.

#Cottage Cheese

What cheese is to rest of the world, Paneer is to India. Paneer is high in casein and is slow digesting dairy protein. Paneer also offers one a good amount of calcium. It keeps you fuller for long and helps burn fat. Are the reasons enough? You can add it into a vegetable or simply toss it into sauteed vegetables. You can have it raw, as it is too.

#Green Peas

Not may vegetables are as rich in protein as compared to this winter staple. The required protein can be gained from frozen peas too. Try having Matar Paneer, this dish contains both the protein rich content. You can have raw peas as well or can just boil them to have with chat masala or topped a bowl of salad with it.

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