Some High-Calorie Healthy Foods For Weight Gain

Are you tired up of weight gain? Then add some right amount of curves to your body. You have start consuming high calorie healthy food which will help in weight gain but not be overweight. Do you know what junk food or unhealthy snacks are not responsible in gaining weight as they leads in unbalancing the hormones and decrease bone density. So consumption of right high-calorie food in accurate quantity will provide you an ideal weight which will lean up your muscle mass and add little fat to the skin.
If you are looking for weight gain diet plan, here are some foods which will help you and increase your weight in some weeks. Scroll down!



eggs | weight gain diet plan

Eggs are rich in nutrients and protein which are responsible for building lean muscle mass. Water and fat-soluble vitamins help in improvement of the cell function and increase your bone density. If you want to increase your weight then you can consume 2 eggs per day.



Cheese | weight gain diet plan

Cheese is one of the high calorie milk product which is available in various forms. It include mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, cheddar, cream cheese. These products have enough amount of protein and calcium which will help in gain muscle mass and strong bones.

Full-Fat Milk


Full-Fat Milk | weight gain diet plan

When you are looking for gaining weight you must have to add some healthy fats, protein, minerals which are present in full fat milk. This will provide energy as it is one of the best pre-workout drink which will help in the strengthen of bones.

Chicken Breast


Chicken Breast | weight gain diet plan

Chicken breast is consists good amount of lean protein which will help in building strong muscle. If you are trying to weight gain then add chicken breast in your diet.



banana | weight gain diet plan

Bananas are rich in fiber, proteins, potassium, healthy fats, vitamin A,C. Consumption of 2 bananas a day will increase up your energy level, make your bones strong and better your stamina.

Peanut Butter


peanut butter | weight gain diet plan

It is one of the most delicious food which is like by most of the people and also help in gaining weight. This high calorie food has enough amount of healthy fat which helps in increase the muscle mass.



nuts | weight gain diet plan

Nuts are a good source of healthy fats like polyunsaturated fats, vitamins E, K, soluble and insoluble fiber, potassium, antioxidants, copper and various other phytonutrients. These will provide you enough amount of calories which will help in the improvement of overall build.

Dark Chocolate


dark chocolate | weight gain diet plan

Dark chocolate is a high-calorie food which is fond by most of the people. It is work as an antidepressant as it has enough amount of antioxidants. You can consume dark chocolate in a glass of milk or add in your smoothies. You will definitely gain few extra pounds by consuming dark chocolates.

These foods will help you in increasing the weight, if you are looking for weight gain diet plan then add these above foods in your daily diet. They all will help in increase the bone density & increase muscle mass.


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