Some Gluten-Free Foods for Indians

Gluten is basically a name for the proteins that are found in oats, wheat (durum, semolina, wheatberries, spelt, emmer, farina, graham, farro, khorasan and einkorn) and some other cereals such as rye, triticale, barley, etc. In actual, gluten acts as a ‘glue’ that holds the food together i.e. maintaining their shape. The name gluten come from latin word which means glue. Gluten is not only found in cereals but also in some processed foods like ketch-ups, ice-creams and more. In Indian food grains are staple that means rich in gluten protein but there are many options that contribute to gluten free diet, which you can switch to.

Why Gluten is harmful?


Gluten can lead to some disorders in the body called celiac disease. There are people who are allergic to gluten and they activates an autoimmune-response in their body when they intake or consume any cereals like wheat, which can further leads acute damage to the small intestines and stomach walls, can irritate the gut, gas, bloating, vomiting, heart-burn, etc. So, here we have tried to put together gluten free diet that a person allergic to gluten products.

Dishes which are Rice-based


Dishes which are Rice-based | gluten free diet
Being the largest producer of rice in the world, rice is the staple part of the main-course meal in India. Also, it is naturally gluten free. So, if you are looking for the alternative diet options which are gluten free then rice and brown rice serves you the purpose. Indian dishes options includes -biryani, fried rice, idli and dosa, poha, etc.

Vegetable Dishes


vegetable dishes | gluten free diet
Indian cuisine serves you more than thousand cuisines and more than millions of dishes options. You can enjoy the taste of your favorite recipes until and unless it is made up of vegetables. With a wide variety of vegetables available in the market you can not get enough of it, a lot to choose from. And needless to mention they are rich many different vitamins and minerals which are required by the human body.



Yogurt | gluten free diet
Indian meals are incomplete with yogurt or buttermilk and it is kind of a traditional trait to make yogurt at home. For the people who suffers gluten disorders can easily opt for yogurt, better if it is homemade. Yogurt is rich in potassium and vitamin B-12. It keeps the stomach full and calms down the digestive system.



Meat | gluten free diet
If you are not vegan and you don’t have any problem with eating meat. Then this is the best food alternative for you. Meat entrees are highly rich in proteins and no-doubt they taste like heaven. But always ensure before eating meat dishes if they are coated with refined flour. Also, if you follow healthy diet regime then grilled, boiled and tandoor are better options to prefer.



Cheese | gluten free diet
If you can not go with non-vegetarian food, then this could be the alternative for you. Cheese is rich in protein and totally gluten free and again needless to mention tasty as well. You can have it raw or cooked, both ways it will serve the purpose and falls under gluten free diet.

Gluten-free Cereals


Gluten-free Cereals | gluten free diet
If you are allergic to gluten then it is really important to know about the cereals which are gluten free. And not to worry, there are several other options available for substituting wheat with other cereals such as graham flour, ragi flour, bajra, singhara flour and jawar which are completely gluten.

Sago or Sabudana


Sabudana | gluten free diet
Sago is extracted from various trees such as palm stems, it is a great alternative to your allergic cereals. Sago is rich in calcium, iron and vitamin K and is gluten free naturally.

The above mentioned list consists some of the major gluten free food alternatives. And we hope you like our attempt of providing information about gluten free food.

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