Few Diet Tips to Get a Glowing Skin Before Your Wedding Day

The time after a pair get officially announced as couple till the wedding day, that time is really stressful for a bride. Every bride wants to look the best on that special day and it is notice that the ‘bride to be’ becomes anxious about her looks on that big fat day. It would be very cliche to say that beside all the expensive beauty and make-up products, true glow comes within, but its true you particularly need to concentrate on what should you and what not especially before your wedding day. Food not only provide us energy to get going to do different works but nourishes are body too. Before you treat yourself with that tempting food just stop and think of getting any skin problems like pimples just before your wedding day. So, here are some tips and diet for glowing skin which can help you in getting the natural glow that bride is supposed to wear on her face. Hence follow a healthy diet for skin.
Lets begin.

1.Start Your Day with Honey-Lemon-Warm-Water


Honey-Lemon-Warm-Water | diet for glowing skin

You might have already seen some of the health conscious people beginning their day with honey-lemon-war-water. Well, yes this the best way to start a day and there is a rational reason behind this combo drink. To those of you who don’t know here is the explanation- honey is a great antioxidant which boots energy and helps in reducing weight also it has some antiseptic qualities which helps in bringing back the lost moisture to our skin.
Lemon, being a member of citrus family, it detoxifies the body for the toxins in the form of fast/processed food we consume all through the day. And the idea behind warm water is that water after heating changes its alkaline properties and soothes our stomach as we fasts all the night. A glass of this drink can really make a big difference.

2.Eat Raw Fruit & Vegetables


Fruit & Vegetables | diet for glowing skin

For a healthy diet regime it is always advised to eat at most the five portions of different vegetables and fruits every day. It is not as hard as it sounds. Try to begin your day by putting something raw and in its organic form in your stomach. Also. you can switch your snacks with fruit or vegetable salads. Never add sugar to your fruit juice, vegetable juice or smoothies. FYI: the results are beyond your imagination. Therefore they must be added in bridal diet for glowing skin.

3.Drinking Lots of Water


Drinking Lots of Water | diet for glowing skin

OK, well we all know and it is the most cliche advise we have heard time and again but it works like magic. It is advised to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday for its keeps you hydrated and keeps you get going. But remember water means water, no other liquid drinks such as fizzy drinks, alcohol, sweetened fruit juice, smoothie will add up to your water consumption.
Also, it is good drink water before bedtime but always avoid drinking water close to bed time as this habit can increase the number of urination times at night. Our body tends to decrease the urination at night for we can have a good 6-8 hours sleep without any interruption. But drinking water at night can lead in lack of sleep and furthermore problems that are caused by lack of sleep.

4.Green Tea


green tea | diet for glowing skin

Green tea is a great way to switch our normal tea habits that only adds up to extra calories intake in a day. Green tea serves multiples benefits i.e it is a great source of antioxidant properties which fights aging signs and increases metabolism, and helps in weight loss. It also aid skin problems such as acne and pimple, sun tan and scars internally because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It enhances the skin texture and brings back the skin glow. Hence this should be added in bridal diet for glowing skin.

5.Cutting Down on Saturated Fats


Cutting Down on Saturated Fats | diet for glowing skin

Saturated fats acts like an enemy to the functioning of our body. They are bad for heart, bad for skin and also for normal functioning of the body. All we can do is we can replace our saturated fats intake with the unsaturated one and the protein rich food. FYI: saturated fats/ bad fats comes from the junk/fast/processed/oily food that we tend to eat normally and adds up to the health risks.
Unsaturated fats are needed by our body for energy and for efficient functioning of the body and it comes from almonds, walnuts, flax-seeds, chia seeds, vegetable oils, oily fishes, avocados, brown rice, etc.

Well, mentioned above are the some of the tips for a bride to get a glowing skin before the wedding day. Hope you like our attempt of providing useful information about diet for glowing skin through this post.


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