Diet Tips To Stay Slim After Menopause

Losing weight during and after menopause seems impossible. Hormonal changes, aging and stress are the factors which are also responsible for weight gain. Imbalance hormones are the main reason, when the estrogen level decrease, body fat dispersed in the part of hips, thighs, stomach, and buttocks. Another responsible factor is the decrement in the physical activity, middle age women are bit slower than the younger ones by which their body start producing calories which result in obesity. There are some steps you can use to make weight loss easier during this time.

Portion Control

As the age increase reduces metabolism. As you know that the metabolism rate of middle age women is 20% slower than the girls. By which food takes a long time to convert into energy and more liable to get stored into fats. So try to eat the small portion of meals at home, and prefer the half meal at the dinner time.

Reduce Fats

Stay away from fatty foods like ice cream, butter, red meat, and cookies. Cut back fats to only 25% of daily calories. Replace ghee or hydrogenated oils like palm oil with healthy oils for cooking like olive, rice bran.

Salt Rationing

Avoid using add on salt in the salad and try to use less amount in cooking. Salt with carbohydrate is culpable for water confinement, which is responsible for bloated. Reduction of salt in the diet help in lowering blood pressure and keep stay away from heart disease risk.

Loading Calcium

After menopause, loss of bone density is caused by imbalance hormones which can be a reason for osteoporosis. So consumption of calcium is more important at every level of age. Intake of 1200 mg calcium per day is essential for women after menopause. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese would also help for healthy bones. But pick up only low-fat products to avoid weight gain.

More of Fish

Fish is a good source of protein which is responsible for healthy hearts. Try to intake two times in a week. But consume only baked and grilled, avoid fried ones because they have a large number of calories. You can also use fish oil as the supplement that helps in the reduction of breast cancer risk.

Fiber up

Increase consumption of high fiber food in your diet like whole wheat, bran, brown rice, barley. You have to add 21g of fiber to your diet daily. You can also take fiber-rich fruits and veggies like spinach, carrot, beetroot, berries, oranges.

Avoid alcohols

Alcohol is rich in calorific value. But women have to avoid alcohol as result of a headache, another issue is the risk of breast cancer.
If you want to look healthy and beautiful then you will have to maintain your figure even after going through the torture of menopause, you can go for our menopause weight loss diet plan why which you can eat healthily.

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