Few Unusual Diet Tips For Loosing Belly Fat

India is country is land of different festivals and festivals means lots of heavy food & sweets. So, for the people who really want to drop those extra inches, it becomes really hard in a country like India.
But still here we are, with some unusual weight loss tips that will help you decreasing belly fat instantly.

Have a look !

Treat Yourself Better !


junk foods | weight loss tips

If you seriously want to drop weight specially from belly fat, then you got to cut out crap things which add up on those extra calories which comes from the food like caffeine, sugar, alcohol, processed or fast foods. These food are not only the culprit of adding fat to you body but also is hazardous to your over all body fat.
But doesn’t mean you can’t have a cheat day !
Treat yourself with favorite food be it chocolate fudge, pizza or whatever. This in spite will help your increasing your metabolism better!

Fishes & Their Oil Supplements


fishes and their supplements | weight loss tips

Salmons and Sardines are like super foods which helps in decreasing body fats and increasing the over all body health.
These fishes and their supplements are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which comes under the category of unsaturated fats or good fats.

Don’t Ever Skip Breakfast !


dont skip breakfast | weight loss tips

It is always advised not to skip the most important meal of the day i.e breakfast. After fasting the whole night, our stomach needs some healthy treatment and if you have a glass full of warm-lime honey-water on an empty stomach and then you can have something healthy for the breakfast and start your day fresh and with good-positive vibes.

Avoid Eating After 8 p.m


dont eat after 8 | weight loss tips

Another big mantra to stay healthy and fit is to stop eating anything after 8 p.m in the night.
Because when you stop eating and prepare to sleep your bodily function system start preparing to shut down.
Also because after eating late you won’t be doing any physical work, so this all might add up to your body fat.

Bid Bye to Fizzy Drinks


drink green tea | weight loss tips

We got to admit it that fizzy drinks are our guilty pleasure. But these carbonated drinks with gas within tend to increase your belly fat. So, just to get rid of this bad habit one can prefer sugar free natural juices or healthy drinks or green teas.

Cut down on Salt !


avoid salt | weight loss tips

We emphasize on the bad impacts of sugar so much that we tend overlook the salt. Believe it or not… salt tends to induce the water retention in the body.
So, the lesser the better. Also, the more salt is something that attracts body water and one one end up gaining fat.
In order to loose fat, just cut down on salt.

Avoid Chewing-gum !


avoid chewing gum | weight loss tips

You might have noticed people who wants to reduce their facial fat or chub they chew on chewing gums. But little they do know that chewing gums do no benefit to the body.
One can try dry fruit nuts (in limits obviously) instead of the chewing gums because they are healthy and can make you rid of your munching habit.

Mentioned above are some of the unusual weight loss tips that you might find apt as easy weight loss regime.


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