Diet for Stress

Yes! Food can help in reducing stress. Very few of the population know this fact that there are foods that causes stress and equivalently there are some which reduces stress. And key to a stressful life is a healthy diet, which definitely you are going to get it here at Idietitianpro. The stress that come into ones life through food is mainly from the packed and the canned foods we get from the market. And the human tendency of consuming particular food when stressed increases stress in them. Foods like, coffee, tea, colas and chocolates. Caffeine is known for increasing stress level by exciting the central nervous system. Therefore more intake of caffeine will only hike the stress and will cause distress. Alcohol is the other thing that increases stress in an individual rather than decreasing it. Alcohol creates interpersonal problems and creates reasons for stress. On the other hand if we talk of chocolates and sugar, they quickly increase the efficiency of our body but the eventual effect is negative. Like these are the foods increasing stress, there are some which reduce or control stress and they are. You’ll get all the information here from the Idietitian experts, they will also give you the cooking methods. The methods could be like not deep flying the food or not adding excessive salt and also avoiding food preservatives and colors.

Following are the some stress relief food:

1.Snack on Nuts

2.Add Red Pepper

3.Serve Salmon Twice a Week

4.Eat Spinach

5.Fill Up on Oatmeal

6.Consume Dark Chocolate

7.Sip Tea

Foods to avoid when in stress

Stay away from sugar and carbohydrates and for that stay away from the following:


b.Milk Chocolates



e.White bread





j.Ready meals

k.Takeaway food

1.Avoid processed fats and seed and vegetable oils.

2.Poor quality spreads

3.Cheap meat and eggs.

4.Commercial Mayonnaise and dressings

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