Types of Cheeses to Consume and Avoid for Healthy Weight Loss

Well, we all relish the taste of cheese! Whether it’s melted on a pizza or a bread slice, it just adds delight to every bite.
However, being high in calories, many are afraid to consume cheeses regularly. But do you know that low-fat cheeses actually help in maintaining the fitness of your body? Yes, you heard it right!

Here in this blog, we will discuss cheeses that should be added and subtracted from your healthy weight loss diet plan.

4 Healthy Cheeses to Consume


Swiss Cheese


swiss cheese | healthy weight loss

Swiss Cheese is lower in fat and sodium and is considered as one of the healthiest cheeses. It contains B-12 in a high quantity which maintains the overall functioning of body organs well. This delicious cheese also contains protein and calcium.

Feta Cheese


feta cheese | healthy weight loss

The healthiest diet i.e. a Mediterranean diet includes feta cheese as one of its prominent ingredients. This cheese contains less fat and one can have it with salad. Feta cheese is rich in calcium and thus, helps in proper development of bones and teeth.

Mozzarella Cheese


mozzarella cheese | healthy weight loss

Mozzarella cheese is used quite often in many dishes and can be easily made at home. It will give you the best taste when added as a topping. Mozzarella cheese has high nutritional value and can be consumed in a moderate quantity.

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese


Low-Fat Cottage Cheese | healthy weight loss

Make your dish tastier by adding this low-fat cottage cheese in it. Being rich in protein, this cheese is best to include in your diet plan for healthy weight loss. The cheese is helpful in regulating blood sugar levels well.

2 Unhealthy Cheeses to Avoid


Processed Cheese


processed cheese | healthy weight loss

Processed cheese is highly unhealthy and hence should be avoided. This is because the cheese might contain some hazardous ingredients and also lacks in nutritional content.

Cream Cheese


cream cheese | healthy weight loss

Creamy cakes with cream cheese toppings have high calories and therefore are very dangerous for health. So, it is always advisable to replace it with either Neufchatel cheese or with whipped cream cheese.

Hence, a healthy weight loss diet plan must include low-fat cheese in it. As such cheeses are repleted with nutrition and are highly beneficial for overall body growth.



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