Calcium Rich Foods That Act as Fat Burners

Calcium is a basic requirement of our body. It plays a very significant role in regulating the healthy functioning of our bones. There are many calcium rich foods that are not only delicious but also act as fat burners.Those who are food lovers and find it difficult to control their diet can opt for food items that are rich in calcium that also aid in weight loss.Therefore the inclusion of calcium diet to shed a few pounds can be a beneficial for your health. Some of these unbelievable foods items are-

Sesame Seeds:

 calcium rich foods

Sesame Seeds are a very good source of Calcium. It is one of the foodsthat contain more than 27% percent of calcium Its nutty taste adds an exotic flavor to many Asian Dishes. It will not only help in reducing weight but also prevents many health problems such as a migraine, osteoporosis, colon cancer, and PMS.


 calcium rich foods

Almonds are considered one of the best foodsfor weight loss. They are beneficial for all over health. Around one-fourth part of a cup filled with Almonds contains 94mg c You can add Almonds in many sweet and savory dishes. Almonds can also be eaten as snacks and you can even carry them easily where you go. It helps in both the weight loss and makes the bones stronger.

Non Dairy Products:

 calcium rich foods

There are clusters of many calcium rich foods which are non-dairy. It is a great option for those who don’t want to gain weight. More than 250gm per day consumption of non-dairy products such as skim milk, cream cheese, and yogurt which are high in calcium have many health benefit

Calcium/Fortified Juices:

 calcium rich foods

Anotheroption of getting calcium is from fortified f Calcium in nature is mostly connected to another component such as lactate, citrate, phosphate, and carbonate.


 calcium rich foods

Dark green vegetables such as Broccoli are filled with calcium. One cup of Broccoli contains more than 170 milligrams of calcium that is taken by 18% of the adults. It also provides a couple of benefits in burning the extra fat of our body. Broccoli also helps in preventing breast, bladder and stomach cancers.

By adding this calcium rich foods in your daily routine diet, you can easily lose weight and also maintain these levels in your Body. Ideititianpro focuses on providing you the easiest tips that help you in staying slim and fit.

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