Blood Group Diet Plan

The blood diet type is famousafter the release of naturopathic physician Peter D’Adamo’s book in which the blood group diet concentrate on your blood group and foods which are taken is useful for your blood type and you will have to never avoid these food. A blood type diet is a nutrition plan based around yourblood type.There are three types of blood group mentioned below:

Blood group O

It is described to be the searcher, the earliest human blood group. The diet assertsfor this blood group is that they will have to eat higher protein diet.

Blood group A

It is called the creator, the diet suggests for individual of blood group A is that these people have to concentrate on green vegetables and free of red meat.

Blood group B

It is the wanderer which related with a strong immune system and anadjustable digestive system. The diet recommend to that people of blood type B are they have to add milk and milk products or protein rich food.

Blood group AB

It is the riddle, the diet advice to these blood group is that the food are intermediate between blood types A and B.

Now we are promoting the eating of the right foods to improve health and prosperity.

Food for blood group diet
Foods for Blood Type O

The person who have blood groupO have to consume low-carbohydrate and high in proteins food. These blood group people have to do lot of exercise.

CHOOSE : fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, beef, meat.

LIMIT : Dairy products, beans, grains.

AVOID : ketchup, cabbage, melon, coffee, poppy seeds, oranges, goose, milk, sprouts, black tea, ketchup, egg plant, nuts.

Foods for Blood Type A

These people should should have to consume plenty of fish and vegetables, with a low dairy products and have to do light exercise only.

CHOOSE : fish, vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains.

LIMIT :chicken, dairy products, turkey.

AVOID: potatoes, pork, black-tea, shell fish, cheeses, cashews, pistachios, kidneys, wheat, mushrooms, cabbage, tomatoes, melons, mushrooms, oranges, beer. .

Foods for Blood Type B

People who have blood group B should eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, meats, dairy, some fish.

CHOOSE : dairy products, lamb, fish, rice, leafy vegetables, fruits, oatmeal. .

LIMIT :Beef, turkey.

AVOID : chic peas, pork, chicken, wheat, corn, tomatoes, coconut, pomegranates, pepper, cheese, sesame, lentils, olives, pumpkins, avocado, pepper.

Foods for Blood Type AB

These people have to eat some feature of both the diets A and B and the almost acceptable food choices for dieters.

CHOOSE : nuts, beans, fruits, vegetables, fish, yogurt, eggs, milk, mutton, whole grain.

LIMIT : No limits

AVOID : pork, beef, pepper, orange, fruits, black tea, sunflower seeds, olives, avocado, shell fish, black tea.

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