5 Health Benefits of Sour and Fermented Foods In Our Diet

Did you know the importance of sour foods in our diet? Well, they do play a significant role in improving our overall health. This is because sour foods make us feel energized and have many health benefits. In an Ayurvedic diet, sour foods are referred to as fermented foods. Such foods include yogurt, kefir, pickles, and sauerkraut.

So, here in this blog, we will discuss the health benefits of sour foods as well as of fermented foods.

Health Benefits of Sour Foods :


citrus fruits | ayurvedic diet


  • Better Nutrient Absorption

Sour foods help in absorbing the nutritional values of foods in a better way. For example- eating citrus fruits help in the absorption of iron and the same way lactic acid helps in calcium absorption in the body.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Sour foods possess anti-inflammatory properties and thus, they provide a defense mechanism against inflammation. Inflammation gives rise to serious health diseases like hypertension and heart problems. So, to avoid developing such risk factors, one should consume sour foods on regular basis.

  • Revitalizes Digestion

Sour foods are imperative for revitalizing your digestive system. With the help of sour foods, the salivary glands give a boost to our appetite and therefore maintain the proper functioning of the immune system.

  • Prevents Dehydration

Citrus foods include oranges, lemons, and yogurt, all these contain high water content and thus keep us hydrated throughout a day. Hence, adding sour foods in your healthy diet plan is beneficial for preventing dehydration.

  • Improves Liver Health

Sour foods contain bio-active compounds in them and thus, help in detoxification. These foods help in effective secretion of bile juice by the liver for ensuring healthy digestion. All this provides a protection against developing liver-related diseases.

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods :


Fermented Foods | ayurvedic diet

  • Fermented foods have gone under the process of fermentation in which food products are treated with microorganisms like bacteria and fungi.
  • For example- (In yogurt) Lactobacillus bacteria convert sugar into lactic acid.
  • Probiotics are very helpful for lowering the body cholesterol and thus prevent developing heart-related problems.
  • Fermented foods stimulate our immune system and provide calcium to our bones. Thus, they help in building healthy bones.
  • They also help in curbing sugar cravings of an individual.

So, encourage the consumption of sour foods in your diet as they are highly beneficial for overall body development. Even an ayurvedic diet plan focuses on the consumption of fermented foods.


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