5 Benefits of Consuming Protein Shakes

There is no denying to the fact that protein is the only nutrient which helps in loosing weight. Basically, the protein helps in reducing the appetite and boosting the metabolic rate of human body. Weight loss regime with consuming protein will help in preventing muscle mass loss.
Here, we are going to discuss about how protein shakes add-up to a weight loss plan.

Protein shakes are basically protein made of mixing protein powder with water and other healthy ingredients like nuts, seeds and even fruits. These are recommended when you are on a weight loss plan and your body requires more protein than the normal.

Follow us down!

Reduces Hunger and Appetite

Protein is really helpful in weight-loss as it help in reducing appetite and hunger hormone that is ghrelin. Protein can reduce hunger hormone like PYY, GLP-1 and CCK. Also, protein keeps us fuller for a longer time than normal and protein shakes are an easy and better way to consume it.

Researches says if we add 20-80 gm of protein ingested from the protein shake can help in reducing 60-65 % of hunger. So, if you are on a weight loss plan, then protein and protein shake is really a bliss

Increases Metabolic Rate

High percentile of protein in our diet can can boost metabolic rate of our body by burning more calories every day.
Proper strength training with proper protein diet helps in building muscles hence enhancing the metabolism of the body. Protein when consumed in liquid form works way better than the solid ones and thus protein shakes are the major part of the fitness enthusiast. Also, if protein shake in ingested before the workout session than the results are commendable.

Helps in Reducing Belly Fat

Our digestion is not that complex as we think it is !
15-30 % of protein calories, 5-10% of carbs and 0-3% fats are burnt during the process of digestion. This is also called Thermic Effect of Food or TEF.

Studies shows that if we alter our carbs and fat content diet with protein diet then it will surely helps in decreasing the belly fat. So, if you are the one who is working on belly fat reduction consider in-taking protein shakes before the exercise routine.

Prevent Slowing-Down of Metabolism and Loss of Muscle Mass

When we plan to reduce weight most of us thinks starving is the best way to reduce weight and hence they end up loosing muscle mass or slowing down of metabolism. Also, this kind of dieting may show you results but once you stop doing that you may get you fat back. So, if you add protein to you diet with proper weight training then the chances of getting fat back is less likely and if you include protein shake in your weight loss plan it will help in muscle maintenance up to 3.5 times.

Prevents Re-gain of Weight

As mentioned above that protein helps in weight loss but also prevents the regaining of weight. Not only protein help lose weight but they also prevent weight re-gain. So, adding protein shake in your diet is really important. Protein lay good effects on our appetite, metabolism and muscle mass which will keep the weight regain at bay. According to the studies the people consuming high-protein diet regained only 9% of the body weight and the people who were on low-protein diet regained 23 %.

Mentioned above are some benefits of including protein in your diet and protein’s role in weight-loss plan. We hope that you like this informative piece.


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