Top 10 Benefits of Consuming Garlic in Our Regular Diet !

Garlic, a normal kitchen keeper which has lot of medicinal qualities is actually considered under-rated. But coming to the facts, garlic is a herb which great antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Secondly, this natural herb contains a compound -Allicin and other beneficial nutrients needed by our body like phosphorus, potassium, zinc & magnesium
We can count on garlic as a complete food.
So, here in this post we are mentioning 10 health benefits of garlic which you must know !

Let us revise them !

Betters the Cardiac Health

A compound found in garlic named- Allicin, is known for ceasing the oxidizing of the bad cholesterol, reduces bad cholesterol and also betters the heart health.
For the people having high blood pressure garlic can be a bliss to them.
And not to forget, the regular intake will reduce the risk of blood clotting and hence averts thromboembolism.

Kicks-Off Cold & Cough

Garlic is just being used by humans for centuries now as a medicine in common viral, fungal & bacterial infections.
Garlic has the properties to kick off normal cough & cold and consuming two cloves of garlic daily can boost our immune system and makes us ready to fight the common infections. Garlic is also useful in congestion problems seen in kids, you can just put a garlic trail sewed in a thread around kid’s neck and it would work wonders.

Enhances Brain Functioning

Not only galic has antifungal 7 antibacterial properties but also great as a anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant.
Garlic can seriously fight Alzheimer’s, neurodegenerative & dementia.

Betters the Digestion

Everybody knows that most of the health issues happens because of our eating habits & bad digestive system functioning.
So, the intake of raw garlic kills all the intestinal worms(if any), bad bacterias, reduces inflammation and protects good bacteria in the gut.

Stabilizes the Blood Sugar Levels

For the people who suffers from diabetes and are really annoyed by their regular medication & insulin injections but still are unable to regulate the blood sugar levels then trust us garlic is a bliss, it can balance the blood sugar naturally without any side-effects.

Enhances Skin Health

For the people suffering from skin issues, garlic is useful to them even.
It helps in lightening the acne or pimple scars, psoriasis, cold sores, rashes, blisters & whatnot. It also works as an anti-aging agent.

Helps in Reducing Weight

The genes which are responsible for building adipose cells that stores fat, garlic reduces those cells and helps in weight loss. It also increases the process of thermogenesis and also eliminates the bad cholesterol responsible for fat.

Improves Immunity

The bad eating habits of our busy life makes our immune system weak and our body prone to many diseases and infections.
Garlic’s medicinal properties protect human body in opposition to free radicals and protects DNA from damage. The Zinc in garlic boosts immunity & Vitamin C fight against the bacterial infection in Eyes & ears.

Prevents Peptic Ulcer & Even Cancer

Anti-oxidant properties of garlic helps in protecting our body from lung, colon, stomach, bladder, prostate & stomach cancer.
And the antibacterial properties of garlic prevents the stomach & gut from peptic ulcer.

Kicks UTI and Betters Renal Health

UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) can be treated by the ingestion of fresh garlic juice and decreases the growth of bacteria called E. Coli which is basically responsible for all types of urine infections. Garlic also protects kidneys from catching infections.

Mentioned above are the top 10 health benefits of garlic which you might not be aware of. We hope that you like our efforts of putting these uses together in this post.


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