8 Reasons Why Chocolate is Good for Your Health

Chocolates are ever not just good even it is too delicious and healthy too. Everyone loves to eat chocolates. But is not just good for the tongue but also for the other body parts and functions. Consuming excessive amount of chocolates is bad but if you’re taken in the proper amount, then it is the right kind and proves as healthy food for your body.

Here are 8 Reasons Chocolate Is Good for You:


Keep Your Heart Healthy:


  • It is famous for decreasing the risk of heart attack and also prevent other cardiovascular issues.
  • The substance which is present in the chocolates is fought against the LDL which is bad cholesterol and raise the level of HDL that is good cholesterol.
  • A study gets a result that adds chocolate in proper amount in your schedule keep you away from heart risks and other heart-related issues.


It’s a Mood Elevator:


  • It’s the best food which feels you better when you are feeling low. A chocolate bar will soothe your nerves.
  • It is work as mood-lifting, a chemical compound present in the chocolates which help in change the mood within a minute.
  • The chemical, Phenylethylamine, which is formed in the brain will make you feel of being in love, which is also present in the chocolate.
  • Chocolate also works as magic for the orgasmic effect.


Powerful Antioxidant:


  • Chocolate is a powerhouse of antioxidants.
  • Dark chocolate has various elements which help to get rid of free radicals.
  • These free radicals excite aging and work as a major cause of cancer.
  • Add good food items in your healthy diet plan which are rich in antioxidants and fight with harmful elements which are present in the body.


Improves Brain Function:


  • Chocolates help into improve the function of the brain and also boost the blood circulation to heart and brain.
  • The occurrence of cocoa in chocolate and caffeine act as the drug which helps in short-term better brain functioning.
  • Intake of chocolate also improves the verbal fluency and related issues.


Protects Your Skin & Provides Glow:


  • Every woman wants a healthy glowing skin, it can adapt by eating chocolates.
  • It has the high amount of high flavanols which protect against the sun rays.
  • The sugar which is present in the chocolate also prevent acne and breaks in the skin cell.
  • Chocolate massage and spa treatment also provide glow in the skin.


Prevents Tooth Decay:


  • Sugar destroys the teeth but not chocolates not even dark ones.
  • Chocolate has the rich amount of cacao which is a high antibacterial agent.
  • The quantity of cacao in white chocolate is low as compared to sugar content.
  • Therefore, high cacao present in dark chocolate prevents from tooth decay.


Chocolate Consumers Live Longer:


  • People who eat chocolate regularly have a longer lifespan than those who stay away from this luscious food item.


Surprisingly, Can Help in Weight Loss:


  • Dark chocolate help in weight loss because they effectively control your hunger from sweets as well as other salty and fatty foods.
  • Having dark chocolate in average amount can help you stick to your diet routine better, due to it ’s gratified effect.

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